A workshop of creating mandala and discovering the beauty of life.

By creating and  painting a mandala You could find a key to Your inner center, to Your soul.   

In a one – day workshop we  discover a mistical world of mandalas, we retire from the caotical outside world and we join the peace, silence and deepness of our inner center.

With my help and of course with help of colour therapy, crystals and forms, we will discover our secret and mystical interior world, our afflictions and barriers and finally the way to life happiness. We are gonna wake up playfulness from the child days and we will open the door for our creativity again.
And if you have tought for a second that you couldn´t do it because You don´t have the capacity and talent, belive me, trough the painting of mandala, You are 
gonna draw the most beautiful part of yourself, even if You have never held a brush in Your hand. 😉

Just listen to Your interior voice, that is calling You to create Your own madala.

Zaželjen prostovoljni prispevek in obvezna predhodna prijava na: facebook zasebna sporočila, info@mandaladivina.com, telefon 041 413 015.
Število mest je omejeno. Se že veselim druženja z vami.

Katja Ušaj