On my web page You could find a lot  of wonderful and unique products, that arise below my hands spontaneously, by inspiration and great degree of love.

There is a unique story and purpose behind every mandala. They spread infinite beauty and unconditional love, harmoniously into a place and people near them.  They act harmoniously, some of them have comforting and consolating efects, others again encourage and give support and internal strength. They stimulate in powerlessnes moments and they are calming in the moments of anguish and tension.

What is a mandala?

Mandala is rapresenting integrity, a cosmic diagram, that  connects us with the infinity, whitch stretches beyond and inside our body and thoughts. It is a picture of symbols and it gives us feeling that life never ands.  Looking at mandala a person feels satisfaction, peace, love and harmony.  One feels the continual contact with himself.

Mandalas on canvas


© Mandala Divina

Novost zate je VIDEO KLIC.

Lahko se poveževa preko kamere in ti pokažem, kar imam na voljo v ateljeju.

Lahko mi pišeš ali pokličeš, da se uskladiva za termin. Katja