Mandala Divina


Welcome to every golden soul, that is reading this!

I ´am Katja Ušaj, the designer of mandalas and this web page  is dedicated to them and to all unique products, that born occasionally and by inspiration.

I would like to tell You something about me and my mission.

We are all searching for something that would fill our souls, cheering us and make us happy.  As like it sleeps something at the bottom of our heart and it is waiting  shyly to come out . Since I remember I have been allways  passionately searching for this, I wanted something more, that  would be part of my life, and life couldn´t be imagined without it.

After years of searching for myself and for the truth inside me I was attracted  to the World of mandalas. Suddenly and silently  I  found myself in a wonderfull and colourfull world  of colours, forms and patterns  that came  out of me like from  an endless source.  A Need for creation was  becoming larger and stronger and I was learning  patiently and constantly  from day to day. Nothing stopped me.  At the beginning I shyly distributed my creations among friends and acquaintances but the circle of people spreaded  day by day.  The enthusiasm, that people were showing above my mandalas, was surprising me. I was wondering myself:  What life want from me ?  Is it possible  that this is my mission?

A Large part of  life I was working  with people who needed help. My look was directed in the beauty of nature, people and life itself . I wanted, to share my world with other people and I wanted to light  their way and proved them, that life is full of beauty and divine. And all this is mirrored through me and my mandalas.

And so it happened : The Divine Mandala – The light and shine of the soul, where time doesn´t exist. Where a person  stops for a while by looking at it and his soul joyfully flies on the wings of peace , silence, harmony and infinite love. – love for himself and everything in surrounding.

The Divine Mandala it´s a part of me – It´s a part of  Everyone who is reading this.


© Mandala Divina

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Lahko mi pišeš ali pokličeš, da se uskladiva za termin. Katja